Attention Aspiring Strength and Conditioning Coaches....How to Finally Break Into The Elite Transformational World of Strength and Conditioning Coaching!...


“Do You Want To Become a

Strength and Conditioning Coach –

To Join the Staff of a Major High

School, Collegiate, or Professional

Program and Help Transform

Athletes Into Winners with Proven

Techniques, Methods, and Secrets

From the Pros?”


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Strength and Conditioning is one of the fastest growing fields in athletics today.  Most collegiate programs, from the smallest D-III schools to the top-tier programs in D-I, employ strength and conditioning coaches who are dedicated to developing strong, able athletes from the ground up – giving them the tools to reach their goals and triumph over all odds.  Even high school programs are getting into the act – all in an effort to grow their players into champions.


 Coach Mac introduced me to the field of strength and conditioning. Long hours, hard work, and sometimes the most outrageous tasks made me what I am today! Working from the bottom up taught me all the lessons I needed to become a World Champion!                                                                                                                                                                                                             "Strength Coach Basic Training is a great resource for up and coming strength coaches, as well as those that need a refresher on what it takes to be the best. If you are a seasoned veteran in the field looking to catch up on the basics- or on your way up, dig in and enjoy the ride through BASIC TRAINING!!

Dana Cavalea

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
World Champion New York Yankees, MLB

Strength and Conditioning Coaches are on the front lines of every game, and make champions out of contenders’ day in and day out.

But, as awesome and inspirational as being a Strength and Conditioning Coach can be – as awesome as hearing a player thank you earnestly for the hard work you put them through that paid off – breaking into the field is tough.  

Very tough…

…But not impossible.


Maybe you’re new to strength and conditioning and want to break into the weight room as a proud member of a coaching staff. Maybe you’ve been trying for a long time to do so – and have been met with frustration every step of the way.

Believe it or not, there is hope. All you need is the right program…the right secrets…the right training…and the right guidance.

Do you want to take a huge step in the right direction to achieving your dream? Read on and discover how to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach – the role you were born to play!



 “Ron McKeefery is one of my mentors in the strength and conditioning coaching profession.  He does a great job, and I learned a lot during my time as a Coaching Assistant for him. Strength Coach Basic Training provides a great opportunity for aspiring strength and conditioning coaches to learn the basics of what it takes to succeed as a strength and conditioning coach.  The program is very thorough and provides an extremely unique experience for each person.”

Doug Davis

Director of Strength & Conditioning
Kent State University



Purchase with confidence!  We offer a 60 day refund policy.

If you are not satisfied with the product you may request a full refund up to 60 days after the initial purchase.



Dear Fellow Coaches,

What if you could achieve your goals – reach your dreams – and fulfill your true calling?

What if you could possess the insider information of being a S&C Coach and use that information to land your first job in the field?


How would that feel?

It would feel incredible! Believe me – I know from experience.  I know what it’s like to be frustrated, trying desperately to reach out for any guidance and direction from those in the field.  I know what it’s like to be on the outside looking in – and wanting to fulfill a dream.

I was once in your shoes…And now, I am offering you something special.

I’m offering you the path to your dream job – the path to becoming a capable, well-trained, driven, and motivated S&C Coach through a dedicated, intensive, and professional-level training program called Strength Coach Basic Training.


“Coach Mckeefery’s internship program laid the foundation for me to become the Strength Coach I am today. I valued the willingness Coach always put forth to give us weekly assignments and daily feedback. What has really been special about Coach is that even after my internship I can still count on him for anything.

I recommend any young Coach or anyone interested in being a Strength and Conditioning Coach to take advantage of Strength Coach Basic Training. We all must continue to refine our skills and it starts with our foundation.”

Derek Millender

Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Cleveland Cavaliers, NBA

“When Coach McKeefery invited me down to intern it was the turning point in my career, actually it was the launching point. I was working as a high school strength coach, I had had some college experience, but my career had stalled. Working with Ron and his staff opened my eyes to a whole new way of approaching strength and conditioning. It’s really because of him that I am where I am at today and the coach that I am.  I give Coach Mac and his staff all the credit in putting me in a position – with their intern program – to be a promotable and successful college strength and conditioning coach.”


Rudy Thomas 

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
University of California San Diego

But first, let me introduce myself. By the time I’m finished with my story, I guarantee you’ll realize that I’ve been there before – and that I have the solution for you.

My name is Ron McKeefery, and I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist w/Distinction and Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at a major NCAA Division One program.  

I’ve come a long way.  In 2008, I was named the Under Armour Collegiate Strength Coach of the Year by the Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Society.  I also routinely appear as a speaker for numerous events in the strength and conditioning industry, and have worked at all levels – including helping transform athletes with the Kansas City Royals and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my years of experience with you spent training dozens of NFL Draft Picks, NFL free agents, and collegiate All Americans helping them reach their full potential. 

Of course, I had to start somewhere.

Years ago, I was a young football player at a very small NAIA school.  We certainly didn’t have anything like a full-time S&C Coach – back then that was the norm (how things have changed!)

I remember seeing how success on the field was a direct product of what was accomplished during those intense sessions in the weight room.   I was hooked, and knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I wanted to be a Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Enthused and driven to break into the field I decided to start off as a graduate assistant in a S&C program and work my way up – I tried reaching out to anyone I could.  I was lucky enough to find an alumni of my school who was a S&C Coach for a major Big XII program, and was surprised by my girlfriend (now my wife!) with a trip down to check out the program and get started.

This was it! This was My Big Break!  It was going to happen!

I remember calling two months before heading to the school, excited about my new opportunity to meet my contact and hopefully get the chance to join a winning team.

I called again one month before heading out.

Called three weeks…

 Two weeks…

 …One week…


And finally, when it was time to start the process of making my dreams a reality, I hit a brick wall that unfortunately is all too common in this field (and the main reason why I decided to start this program!)

My contact – my connection to the field – blew me off.

I never did get to talk to him, and didn’t land a job there.  It was a huge disappointment, and over the years, as I worked my fingers to the bone and drove myself constantly to get ahead and break into my dream role, I always remembered that “meeting”.

Despite my success and longevity in this field, I still remember vividly just how hard it was and still is to become a S&C Coach.

But now I’ve made it…And I want to share the secrets of my success with you.


Take Initiative and Sign Up Today!


Click Here to gain access to Strength Coach Basic Training Mission 1 for just $99  $39!

Purchase with confidence!  We offer a 60 day full refund policy.

If you are not satisfied with the product you may request a full refund up to 60 days after the initial purchase.

 Coach McKeefery has played an instrumental role in my development as strength and conditioning coach.  Coach McKeefery’s program was my introduction into the field and it has prepared me for future success. His internship program is unlike any other in the country. He shows you that he values your assistance and wants to teach you as much as he possibly can for your own benefit. One thing that could not be taught that I noticed about Coach Mac was his work ethic. Not only is he brilliant about the field but also shows you by example what it takes to be a strength coach of his caliber. You can tell if you work with him for one day that his heart and drive are completely devoted to his team and this profession.

Coach McKeefery has also been an unbelieveable reference for me to have as I’ve continued my career in strength and conditioning. If someone doesn’t know Coach Mac, then they know someone who does because it’s impossible to ignore what he has done at South Florida. He has helped me and has been extremely useful every step of the way on my path thus far. Thank you Coach McKeefery for being a great role model, teaching me all that you have, and showing me what it takes to be successful in this field.”


Lewis Caralla 

Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Georgia Tech


Proven Success: The Solution You’ve Been



A recent feature article in a major sports magazine covered the growing world of Strength & Conditioning in collegiate athletics and uncovered some amazing truths.

Did you know that…


It’s all true.  There’s no better time to break into the field than now.  

I know from experience, though, just how difficult that can be – which is why it’s time for you to act now!


 “Coach McKeefery really showed me what it takes to run a successful Division 1 Strength and Conditioning program.  Going into my internship I thought I knew how to write programs and coach athletes but I quickly found out that there is a lot more to it. 

The information I gained about programming and periodization is invaluable and without a doubt the most important thing I took away from the internship program. I was also very impressed with the methods of motivation and variety of unique workouts.  Having a chance to meet a few times a week in a classroom setting with the coaching staff were probably some of the best learning experiences I have ever had.  I probably learned more about strength and conditioning in the 4-month summer internship program than I did in 4 years of college.  It was a great program that I plan on trying to incorporate at any school I am at and I highly recommend it for anybody who is serious about being a strength and conditioning coach.  Taking a look at the 32-week program that is laid out; I believe that every aspect of being a strength and conditioning coach will be addressed and completion of the program will prepare you as much as possible without actually being in the weight room floor.”


Andrew Pompei 

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach-Football
Portland State University




Introducing Strength Coach Basic Training

A Proven, Nationally-Recognized Instructional

Program Guaranteed to Give You the Tools You

Need to Excel at Any Level – and Become the

Coach You Want to Be!


I’ve spent the last 10 years crafting, sculpting, and honing this program from the ground up.  Strength Coach Basic Training is designed to take motivated and aspiring fitness professionals and giving them the training they need to become a well-rounded coach and administrator. 

My program has produced some of the most skilled and well-trained Strength & Conditioning professionals in the field today, and has a superb track record of success.  

Now, you can participate in this program no matter where you are – through a high-powered informative process that takes you through every step.

So What Do You Get With The Strength Coach Basic Training Program?

Checkpoint #1 - Building a Strength & Conditioning Cover Letter, Resume, and References

Checkpoint #2 - Using Social Media to Network, Job Hunt

Checkpoint #3 - Proper Etiquette when Conducting Site Visits and Phone Interviews

Checkpoint #4 - Building a Strength & Conditioning Library

Checkpoint #5 - History & Role of a Strength and Conditioning Coach

Checkpoint #6 - Principle Based Not Philosophy Based Strength and Conditioning

Checkpoint #7 - Strength and Conditioning Time Management Tactics

Checkpoint #8 - Facility Design and Maintenance/Emergency Action Plan


With this program, you’ll learn not only the first step of breaking into the field, but also how to:

This online program incorporates cutting-edge knowledge gained from years of experience, giving you not only facts and figures, tips and techniques, but also the intangibles that you simply can’t find anywhere else.


Plus, as mentioned above, this program will teach you how to break into the field and succeed by offering you:

Doesn’t that sound amazing? With Strength Coach Basic Training, you can gain all of these incredible benefits and more – all in an effort to make you the best S&C Coach you can be.


I created this program for two reasons:

  1.   Because I’ve been there, in your shoes, and know how it can be
  2.   Because I want you to succeed!


When You Join This Program, You Will Get Instant Online Access to the First Mission and Be One Step Closer To Landing Your Dream Job –And Making It As A Strength & Conditioning Coach!


Strength Coach Basic Training is a 8 week program that I have used with my interns for years.  A loaded checkpoint every week, with hands-on assignments and personal feedback from me to help you every step of the way.

That is the key to success as a S&C Coach.  That is the path that awaits you.

Believe me – as you know, I’ve been right where you are.  You simply won’t find this kind of support and guidance anywhere else.  What I’m offering you is truly something unique – truly something special – truly something you simply cannot afford to pass up.

Now’s your chance.


"I was privileged to intern with Ron McKeefery.  Coach McKeefery and his staff provided the keys to succeed as a strength and conditioning professional.  Ron had a great impact in my development as a strength coach. He is very knowledgeable in all components of athleticism with regards to performance.  The information I acquired was instrumental in my approach to strength, speed, and agility.  Coach McKeefery’s protocols are a much-needed piece in the preparation of an elite strength and conditioning coach. His lessons and guidance yield a highly effective base for young strength professional just starting out. Ron’s information, instruction, and inspiration are second to none in the realm of athletic training.  Ron McKeefery's "Strength Coach Basic Training" is an essential ingredient in the development of a strength and conditioning coach.  I could not have progressed in my career without the principles and fundamentals provided in the areas of planning, programming, and training.  The program allows you to become familiar with current policies and operating procedures within the strength world. Ron’s program curriculum was influential in networking and site visits, creating a plethora of opportunities.  Coach McKeefery’s system has been an integral part of my success in the current job market.

Art Tolhurst 

Graduate Assistant
University of Oregon


My Offer to You: The Chance to Sign Up for

Strength Coach Basic Training, Engage in Elite-

Level Training and Education, and Unlock the

Secrets to Becoming the Head of Your Own High

School, Collegiate, and Professional Strength

Training Program!


Sign up today and you will be on your way to participating in training that will prepare you for networking, making connections, learning the ropes, and downloading the hot secrets that successful coaches use.

I have to tell you…I wish this internship program had been around when I was making my way up through the ranks. The frustration, disappointment, and difficulties I’ve had to endure might never have happened.

Then again, if they hadn’t, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today to give you a helping hand – and a way to move up and join me!

Don’t take my word for it.  Even when speaking about this program at the Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Association national conference, telling everyone about the wonderful benefits this program offers, I knew that people had to try it for themselves.

Now, you can sign up and participate for 30 days with a 100% guarantee.  I know you’ll be satisfied by what you see – and know you’ll be on your way up after finishing this internship.


Don’t Let This Chance Pass You By!

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Purchase with confidence!  We offer a 60 day full refund policy.

If you are not satisfied with the product you may request a full refund up to 60 days after the initial purchase.

Please Note: This is an online program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The program will be immediately available for you to view with membership access and get started right away after ordering.  With no shipping, fulfillment, or printing costs for us, we are able to not only pass the savings along to you but also are able to get this incredible system into your hands TODAY without having to wait for postal delivery.

I have to warn you yet again: This field is incredibly competitive.  True, the field is growing dramatically – but there are a lot of people who want to join in on the awe-inspiring work we do with athletes on all levels, on a daily basis.

Without the right kind of tutelage, you’re at a disadvantage. The odds are stacked against you without help.  

And help is hard to find.  

Don’t let this chance slip by.  Sign up for Strength Coach Basic Training today and be amazed by the opportunities before you.  

I’ve worked with countless young men and women, helping them be all they can be. Now I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you be all you can be. I’ll see you in training!

Best Wishes,

Ron McKeefery, M.A., CSCS, SCCC

P.S. Need more? How about Bonus Presentations? That’s right – join this program and you’ll have access to personal lectures and presentations from real-life experts revealing the winning secrets that make their programs dominate on the field.  How incredible is that? You simply can’t find that anywhere else – guaranteed!

Your future is waiting for you. Sign up for Strength Coach Basic Training today and break into the field once and for all!

For questions regarding billing, site membership, program access and detail, technical and any other inquiries please contact us at: 


 We offer a 60 day full refund policy.

If you are not satisfied with the product you may request a full refund up to 60 days after the initial purchase.